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Smarter Home & Yard is designed to help you find the pest control solution you need as quickly and easily as possible. We want to make it easy to find trusted, affordable pest control solutions that work.

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Smarter Home & Yard  offers a comprehensive solution for all your pest needs. Through our collaboration with national and regional pest control experts, we make sure our users find the ideal pest control solution that’s just right for them.

How it works

At-home and do-it-yourself treatments will only get you so far – depending on the kind of pest and the extent of your infestation, you could need a specialized, and a multi-step treatment plan.

Professional exterminators will assess your unique situation then develop a plan that will get the job done right the first time.


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Our mission

Our mission is to make finding a pest control provider quick, easy, and affordable. We strive to provide the trustworthy information you need to identify pests and your pest control solution, while also connecting you to the leading pest control providers near you.

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If you need pest removal, inspection, or preventative services, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll connect you with a professional exterminator in your area who can safely and quickly eliminate your pest problems today.