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DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

The treatment you need depends on multiple factors including the severity of your pest and your personal preferences. If you have a large pest population in your home or yard and are unable to effectively control it on your own, it’s probably more beneficial to hire an exterminator. 

Pest Professional

  • Professionally trained and experienced in identifying and eliminating infestations. 
  • Trained in safe and effective handling of hazardous chemicals. 
  • They can guarantee infestation elimination.


  • It is cost-effective if the infestation is small enough. 
  • You have greater control over pest elimination methods and products 
  • You can tackle the problem at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Do I need to hire a professional?

Effective pest control is complex, and often requires more than one extermination approach to ensure success. DIY treatments are simply not as thorough as necessary, and they often lead to a false sense of security, leaving you vulnerable to flare-ups and risking the spread of infestation to others. 

Don’t take any chances. Contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible. 

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When should I work with a professional?

Bed bugs multiply rapidly and can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation before you know it. Professional exterminators possess a range of tools and strategies to eliminate these pests.

Hiring professional pest control is the best choice for bed bug problems. Experts can quickly remove them and know how to stop them from coming back for a long time. They provide solutions to keep your home bed bug free.

Talk to a pest professional today to get the help you need.