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The basics of bed bugs

Bed bugs are more than just a nuisance – they can become a persistent problem in your home. These tiny pests are about the size and shape of an apple seed, and they can be hard to detect. However, they pose a serious public health risk and can be difficult and costly to eliminate once an infestation is established. If you suspect that your home might have an infestation, it is important to call a professional exterminator with experience in bed bug control right away. They can develop a strategy to help you get rid of the pests for good.

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How to find bed bugs

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Bed bugs hide when they are not feeding and are most commonly found in seams and folds in bedding, clothing, and furniture. The best indicators of an infestation are physical signs of a bed bug presence, not necessarily bites on skin.

Look for:

Rusty-colored blood stains where bed bugs may have been crushed

Bed bug excrement or pale-yellow shed skins

Live bed bugs

Look for:

Look for tiny, rust-colored or black dots, which may be bed bug feces

Rusty-colored blood stains where bed bugs may have been crushed

Bed bug excrement or pale-yellow shed skins

Live bed bugs

Reasons you might have bed bugs

Bed bugs are a common household pest but they can be difficult to get rid of once they infest your home and it’s important to know what attracts them. Here are some reasons you might have bed bugs:

  • Recent travel

  • Spreading from neighboring apartments

  • House guests staying in your home

  • Bringing secondhand furniture into your home without proper inspection

  • Clutter

  • Pets
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DIY vs. Bed bug specialist

The extent of a bed bug infestation and the treatment you need depends on multiple factors including the amount of clutter in your home and how much time has passed since the initial infestation. The smaller the infestation, the easier, safer, and more effective the treatment will be.

Bed bug specialist

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  • Professional lawn care companies are typically more knowledgeable about the best practices for lawn maintenance

  • Professional lawn care companies use specialized equipment that can help to achieve better results

  • More consistent results
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  • May use chemical treatments

  • Expensive, depending on the size of the infestation and the services needed.

  • It can take a long time to get rid of bed bugs, and the process can be lengthy and tedious.


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  • More cost-effective

  • You have more control over the methods and products used

  • You can customize your own maintenance schedule
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  • More costly in the long run if you are unsuccessful in your DIY efforts and need to hire a professional to thoroughly resolve the problem.

  • Difficult to identify and treat all of the areas where bed bugs may be hiding.

  • Often are not as effective as professional treatments and may not provide long-term protection against future infestations

  • It can take a long time to get rid of bed bugs, and the process can be lengthy and tedious.

Effective bed bug control is complex, and often requires more than one extermination approach to ensure success. DIY treatments are simply not as thorough as necessary, and they often lead to a false sense of security, leaving you vulnerable to flare-ups and risking the spread of infestation to others.

Don’t take any chances. Contact a bed bug control specialist as soon as possible.

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