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Termites: the silent destroyers

Commonly known as “silent destroyers,” termites can be found in the foundation, walls or attic of your home, populating a thriving colony long before any signs of damage appear. Because this pest is hard to detect with an untrained eye, termite damage costs Americans billions of dollars each year, and most insurance plans won’t cover the damage.

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Signs your home was infiltrated by termites

Reasons you might have termites

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Termites feed on cellulose and thrive in damp conditions, both of which can be found in the wood used in your home’s construction. Termites are prone to dehydration and cannot be away from moist conditions for very long, so they will likely enter your home through damp wood or soil. Common points of termite entry include:

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Do you need a pest control specialist for Termites?

The most effective termite treatments rid the home of termites and protect it from future infestations. To do this, every potential point of entry needs to be treated properly, and at-home and DIY termite treatments are largely ineffective.

Professional pest control specialists know where to look and treat, and they have all the necessary equipment and solutions to get the job done right.

There are also different types of termites – 45 different species in the United States alone – and each type requires a different treatment strategy.

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